NCS – Mixtape 22

NCS + Karmarama

Project Name

NCS Mixtape 22


Kream London & Karmarama


Animation Direction, Motion Design, Art Direction, Design + Illustration



About The Project

We were approached by Kream London + Karmarama to come on board to head up the Animation Direction + design working alongside live action Director, Ricky Gibb, to bring to life a AV mixtape for NCS representing true views and values of young people in the UK today.

Mixtape ‘22 is our freshest release yet! We asked for your thoughts on yourselves, your community, your world, and all the things that are important to you. Then it was time to head to the studio and collab with some famous faces to produce an original soundtrack for your lives.

Linking up with producers Star.One, were Saidu, Victoria Jane, and Emma Cannon, who took your ideas and opinions, and used them to lay down three different tracks, with beats and lyrics that’ll inspire you and get your voices heard.

NCS Mixtape 22 won bronze in the Creative Circle Awards 2022 for Best Use of Original Soundtrack.


Emma Cannon
Saidu Kargbo
Victoria Jane Kalu

Paige Butler / Hayden Fernandes / Shamza Butt / Muhsin Mahmud / Sharandeep Sahota / Tom Jackson / Jonas Andrew / Jess Watson / Fatma Shami / Holly Stewart / Charlie Palin / Ash Dalliday / Heather Wright / Ace Maple-Leach / Barry Brooks / Tegan Seeley / Lucy Marshall / Anya McPherson / Miriam George / Arabella Crisp / Jude Thomas / Zac Thorlby / Charleigh Jade-Wilson / George Obolo / Vijai Chuttoo / Millie Quinn / Alexander Dalziel / Alex Hughes-Francis-Townley / Srikrish Sribabu / Aaliyah Oki


Production Company: K-Studios
Director: Ricky Gibb
Animation Director: Jade Spranklen / Sprankenstein Studio
Producer: Sam Kirby / Sunny Dimitriadou
Production Manager: Grace Matthews
Director of Photography: Jack Wilkinson
1st AD: Bryn Williams
Offline Editor: Ryan Robinson
Colourist: Jonny Tally and Vlad Barin @ Cheat
Sound Design: Rob Taliesin Owen
Music Company: Wake The Town / Adam Wilson & Joe Wilson (Star.One)