Till Death Do Us Party – Studio Camo

Studio Spranks + Studio Camo

Project Name

Till Death Do Us Party


Sprankenstein Studio + Studio Camo


Creative Direction, Art Direction, Illustration + Motion Design



About The Project

Studio Spranks joined forces with Graphic Design studio, Studio Camo to create this intense nod to 90’s rave for a client who wanted to hold a festival wedding/rave in 2019.

Using magazine cutouts, original rave memorabilia, original illustration and graphic design, we created this acid trip of a video to feast on. Making sure we gave genuine nods to the 90’s scene with clever use of typography and graphics, we merged this together with modern references and the boldest colour palettes we could find.

Textures and glitch motions played a large part in this animation staying rough around the edges and not too polished…staying true to the heart of what rave is all about: having fun.

Music – ‘You Got Me Weak’ – Refreshers